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Julien Blaine


We are in a Golden Age of Poetry, which began 50 years ago, as never existed before in the history of the world. Poetry flourishing and expanding in countless venues to boundless audiences. Festivals in every town in the Western world, and through the use of modern technology and the Internet, poetry reaches people on all levels in society everywhere in all forms.

Julien Blaine is one of the gods of poetry, who helped create the Golden Age of Poetry, as a poet and performer, organizer, promoter and producer, inventor and creator. His heroic endeavors, beginning before he was a leader of 1968 riots in Paris, guiding the strategies of the students, include organizing countless magnificent festivals of poetry in Marseille, Cogolin, Tarascon, and the great feasts of Ventabren. His work is brilliant, his poems and performances are the magical display of clarity, transcending concepts, and the absolute sound of his voice vibrates filling the universe.

Along with being a hero and a god of poetry, Julien Blaine is also an emanation of San Nicola, Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, the Jovian deity radiating generosity, confidence, and the success of all possibilities. The relic bones of his predecessor are in a church in Bari. And it seems that Julien Blaine, born in Marseille, is also descended from the gods of the sea, deities living in the deepest oceans. You can tell by looking at him. He can’t hide it 

John Giorno

Julien Blaine

est un artiste italien comme Lucio Fontana et Piero Manzoni,  une personnalité internationale comme Russell Means ou Patrice Lumumba  et un poète marseillais comme Arthur Rimbaud et Antonin Artaud.
Il est un poète aurignacien contemporain et un auteur grec ancien.
Il est deux fois calligraphes par les T’ang et par les Hijazi.
Son ascendance est Bamileke et Zuni, Manouche et maritime.
Mais, en fait, par les Poitevin il est de Ventabren et par les Trouche de Mouriès.
D’un côté la cendre du foyer de l’autre la poudre d’escampette

Derniers titres parus : 
• 5 faits d’actualités par un septuagénaire bien sonné (Al Dante) 2016
• 2015 (Éditions Impaire – Adriano Parise) 2016
• Partitions (éditions Manuella) 2017
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